Sunday, April 25, 2010

What happens after a month...

I know, we haven't posted in awhile. Matt started finals, and I got a 9 - 5 that's keeping me busy. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance it with the rest of my life. I did want to report a few things, however...

Overall, we were pretty successful in cutting out processed food (other than that one oops we posted). It's quite easy to stay out of the middle aisles of the grocery store (that's the meaning of our blog title, by the way). We realized that what we bought most from that area were snacks. And those snacks were replaced with fruits and veggies, and amazingly, it was not a big deal.

That's one of the changes I wanted to report: sometime halfway into the month I realized that I don't miss my 100 calorie packs and whatnot that I had been eating. I was enjoying having fruit as a snack and as part of my diet and though I couldn't prove it with a tape measure or a scale, I was feeling better too--lighter, somehow.

The other development is that if, for some reason, you do choose to indulge (say,Black Pepper KettleChips would be the perfect accompaniment to shrimp sandwiches), you really, really regret it. My stomach was NOT happy with me eating those chips (and I ate only a serving). Black Pepper KettleChips are my favorite. If I'm going to eat chips that's usually the one I reach for, or none at all. But after a month of not eating anything that oily, my body couldn't handle it anymore. And it told me so, loudly. Of course, being the type of person who constantly pokes at a tooth that's hurting, I had some again the other day. Not only did I regret it, again, I regretted it all day and all night rather than just a few hours. Yet the thought of dropping KettleChips, and all other manner of chips and similar items, from my diet doesn't bother me the way it used to (I was very big into "eat anything you want, just in moderation).

So though our experimental month is over, Matt and I are going to continue avoiding foods that come with a nutrition label (with the occasional exception of course--like bacon). However, we will be eating out more than once a week--kind of a crimp in one's social life otherwise. We will ALSO learn how to balance our lives and do more posts. If for no other reason than I've made a bunch of meals and foods that I'm really excited about and want to share.

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